Last week I took some vacation days and celebrated "Birthday Week 2018". It was an eventful week full of lots of different emotions and I even learned some things! :)

First, my week kicked off by moving our only child out of the house (again) as he started his second year at college. I have to admit that this year the whole 'empty-nesting' thing was a little easier than last year. Don't get me wrong, I cried--A LOT--but I have a better idea of what to expect this year and I know that I'll be seeing him again soon, so that helped to control some of the 'mom sobs'. (By the way, driving a U-Haul on I-94 is not necessarily something I would recommend...and yes, *I* was driving...) Yikes!

After the whole moving out thing, I got to go to the Taylor Swift show at Ford Field in Detroit. Say what you will about her music (country/not country) but I have to tell you, this was a fantastic show! Here's something I didn't know, Taylor's mom, Andrea gives backstage tours before the show and I was lucky enough to be a part of one of the backstage tours. Very cool! (And Taylor was one of the nicest people that I've ever met backstage.) I know that Chris Tyler has posted a bunch of pictures from the show on our website, you should check them out!

Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records/WITL staff
Stephanie McCoy with Taylor Swift's mom, Andrea--Photo courtesy of Big Machine Records/WITL staff

And finally, I learned something very important towards the end of my vacation. For security reasons, I probably shouldn't mention exactly where and when this happened... but I learned that the jukebox in a bar can be very tricky. See, here's the thing, just because *I* love Air Supply music, doesn't mean that all of the *other* people in the bar love their music, too. I learned this the hard way as apparently my jukebox music choices proceeded to make a few people angry at this particular establishment. (Maybe it was the beer they were drinking...who knows really...I do know that I'm staying away from jukeboxes for awhile...) :)



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