If you don't get migraines, chances are you know someone who does (or at least thinks they do).

Turns out Michigan is home to three metropolitan areas that experts say are among America's top 30 migraine hotspots.

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Here's how the renowned Cleveland Clinic defines migraines:

A migraine is much more than a bad headache. This neurological disease can cause debilitating throbbing pain that can leave you in bed for days! Movement, light, sound and other triggers may cause symptoms like pain, tiredness, nausea, visual disturbances, numbness and tingling, irritability, difficulty speaking, temporary loss of vision and many more.

Pretty serious stuff, right?

What Experts Considered When Determining the Nation's Migraine Hotspots

Bestplaces.net pored through the data in four different categories to determine which areas of the country were most migraine-prone. Their experts considered the percentage of people in each city being prescribed migraine-related drugs. They considered "lifestyle factors" that could make migraines more likely, including work and exercise habits as well as how much rest people tended to get. They also took "environmental factors" into account, including an area's weather, crime and divorce rates. Finally, they took into consideration each area's tendency to consume migraine-triggering foods including caffeinated beverages and some dairy foods.

What the Data Revealed

The experts found the Cincinnati, Ohio area to be the nation's biggest migraine hotspot, citing high scores in all four of the designated criteria (although it wasn't #1 in any individual category).

The areas around Madison, Wisconsin; Little Rock, Arkansas; Knoxville, Tennessee; and St. Louis, Missouri rounded out the top 5.

How did Michigan fare?

Michigan landed three metro areas among America's top 30 migraine hotspots, although the survey did not go into detail about what factors were the highest contributors to the areas' high placements.

Photos by Canva
Photos by Canva

Kalamazoo-Battle Creek came in at #14.


Photos by Canva
Photos by Canva

Grand Rapids-Muskegon-Holland were lumped together to come in at #25.


Photos by Canva
Photos by Canva

Lansing and East Lansing combined to land at #28.

See the full list of America's migraine hotspots as compiled by bestplaces.net here.

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