This winter has been different, normally I hear people complaining about winter being here again, but this year I have been hearing enthusiasm for snow to fall. Snow can be beautiful and it’s a definite distraction from this pandemic we have to deal with. We’ve had some nice snowfall in the past week, love the way it sticks to the trees and creates beautiful views. The weather forecasters are all getting excited because there are not one, but two somewhat large storm systems brewing off the west coast, and they will be crossing over the Great Lakes in the next ten days. Viewing satellite imagery we can see some powerful, swirling storms over the Pacific Ocean. Interesting enough, the two models we watch show very similar patterns. The European and U.S. models both forecast areas of rain and snow through February 5th.

MLive reports both models show the next storm system around Michigan this coming Sunday and Monday. Both models also give the storm a tough time coming right over Michigan. But I just want you to know the second half of the weekend would be our next first chance of winter travel woes. The first storm is the type of storm that lays down a swath of four to eight inches of snow. At the current time, the projections are for the bulk of this first storm to miss Michigan just south of us, with maybe southwest Lower Michigan getting into some snow accumulation late Sunday into Monday. But honestly it will take until Friday before we get a good feel how far north meaningful snow will come.

Then looking at the next storm system, based on the two models, it also shows a quite consistent arrival time. We’re looking at next week on Friday or Saturday for it to reach us. Both models have the same characteristic with mild air arriving ahead of the storm. With it being 10 days away from Michigan, a lot can change. Probably a good idea to make sure you are prepared for these storms and keep an eye on their progress. Those of you who are excited for more snow, it’s looking like your wishes are being granted.

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