So..whatcha been watching lately? Worn out the search function on Netflix yet?

Recently, I found a box in our basement with movies on DVDs and VCR tapes from the 80s and 90s - "Top Gun", "Flashdance", "Pretty in Pink" - stuff like that. And another box with my old vinyl records, including some soundtrack albums. That got me thinking about all the great music that came out of those movies. Since my two daughters were born in the 90s, we watched a LOT of Disney movies when they were little, but I wondered how many of my (and my wife's) favorite movies they had seen. So, I texted them a list of movies with (what I considered) great music - or at least iconic music - and asked which ones they had seen and not seen.

The answer left me questioning my parenting. Not only had both NOT seen "Saturday Night Fever", but neither one had seen one of my favorite movies, "Apocalypse Now". If you are EVER going to win at trivia night in a bar - you better know about movies like these.

So, I put together a list of movies, in alphabetical order, that (IMO) were great movies AND had great music. And yes - I know I left some out. Feel free to let me know about it.

11 Movies With Great Music That Everyone Should See



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