Earnie and Joey Polk are cousins. They like to go fishing on the beaches of the Florida Gulf Coast near Pensacola. That's where they were last week when they hooked and landed an 11 FOOT, 805 POUND MAKO SHARK. On the way home, they had to stop and get gas. That's where somebody took THIS awesome photo.

Earnie has the current record with the International Land Based Shark Fishing Assn. (the WHAT?) for a mako shark at 674 pounds, so this will probably be a new record. The record for one taken from a boat is 1,221 pounds.

Apparently, they paddle way out and drop the hook and bait from a kayak - and then go back to shore to wait for the action. After seeing this picture, I think I'd want to be in something a little bigger than a kayak for that part.

And, by the way, I went looking for maps of where they were fishing, and that stretch of beach is RIGHT where I was swimming with my wife and kids several years back.

"Hey Dad, something just brushed up against my leg!"

"Aww, it's nothing - don't worry about it."

"It's probably NOT an 11 foot mako shark" - is something I would not say now.


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