Do you love your wine? Well, this guy in Cailfornia really loves his wine, or at least he loves stealing it! According to ABC News, A 31-year-old employee of a Napa, California, warehouse is accused of stealing 350 cases of wine--worth more than $400,000!

According to the American Canyon Police Department, Jose Luis Pena, was arrested and charged with grand theft, possession of stolen property and burglary. Cops reportedly tracked the theft back to Pina after a broker called a winery about a man trying to sell them cases of wine. Cops say they found wine and more than $73,000 in cash at his apartment. Officials believe that the money was from wine that he allegedly sold to stores.

I'm all about a good glass of Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling or even a glass (or maybe two) of Fruity Red Sangria from my box of Franzia that I always have on standby in my refrigerator, but I'm not gonna steal it.

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