According to research recently posted by the Huffington Post, Michigan isn't even close to being considered one of the "booziest states" in America. The research used the number of bars per capita in every state to come up with their information. You would think that having several college towns in the state would help us with the number...but sadly (or not)...that's not the case.

So, who did we lose to? Well, the 'cheeseheads' from Wisconsin apparently have us beat. The have 12.57 bars for every 10,000 people in their state. Michigan has only 4.92 bars for every 10,000 people, so we have a long way to go to make it to the top. Who was the lowest on the list? Well, that would be Utah. They have only 1.73 bars per 10,000 people.  To see the interactive map, click here.