Faithful followers, here's a heads up for you.

These are the questions I'll be asking today that you can take a shot at for some great prizes on WITL. You can get an early look at these and maybe do a little reasearch if you need to so you can have an even better chance of winning.

First, listen for the Afternoon Brainteaser at 3:35pm:

Darrell Ingham - Getty Images Sport

Q: What Country Superstar is making fun of tabloid stories that claim he and his wife are headed for a 100-million-dollar divorce?

A: Blake Shelton.

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Then, for listeners that are 13 years old and under, it's the Afternoon Wittle Kids Question at 4:35pm:

Q: What was once used as a medicine in the United States in the 1830's, sold as Dr. Miles Compound Extract of Tomato?

A: Ketchup.

I'll post the answers here after we get our winners. Hopefully it's you!

Good luck and thanks for listening!