Faithful followers, here's a heads up for you.

These are the questions I'll be asking today that you can take a shot at for some great prizes on WITL. You can get an early look at these and maybe do a little reasearch if you need to so you can have an even better chance of winning.

First, listen for the Afternoon Brainteaser at 3:35pm:

Darrell Ingham - Getty Images Sport

Q: What Country Superstar is making fun of tabloid stories that claim he and his wife are headed for a 100-million-dollar divorce?

Andreas Rentz - Getty Images Entertainment

Then, for listeners that are 13 years old and under, it's the Afternoon Wittle Kids Question at 4:35pm:

Q: What was once used as a medicine in the United States in the 1830's, sold as Dr. Miles Compound Extract of Tomato?

I'll post the answers here after we get our winners. Hopefully it's you!

Good luck and thanks for listening!