Are you a "Mad Men" fan like me?  I have a very strange relationship with the '60's.  I remember the decade from the perspective of a young child watching events unfold around them which weren't really understood. And, perhaps, there was so much happening at once that no one (no matter what age) could really understand it.  I think that's why I got hooked on "MAD MEN".  It gives me the chance to see the '60's in a way that I didn't as a child.  This is a show that has shown a light on not only what America was going through during this very turbulent time in our history, but also has explained some things about my parents and their entire generation which I have always had a hard time understanding.  Maybe the '60's is one of those things which requires time, distance and looking-over-your-shoulder before you can even have a hint of understanding.  (I believe that no child should have to watch a war taking place in their living room every evening during the news...or should know how to pronounce Mau Tse Tung or who "Uncle Ho" is).

If you haven't seen "Mad Men", start at Season 1 and try not to be too shocked.   It will all seem very odd and wrong until you get used to the world.  People smoking in the office and on planes...women wearing dresses at home and waiting on their husbands like servants...drinking at work!  WOW!  This, among other things which I won't mention here, are NORMAL in the '60's.   But, out of this decade also came feminism, counterculture, interesting art, iconic fashion and some really, really GREAT music! 

"Mad Men" begins it's 7th & final season in April (Season 7 will be divided into Part 1 & Part 2 similar to "The Sopranos").  Want to know more?  Click here: