So, let me start by stating the obvious....the storms yesterday were not much fun AT ALL. That being said, let me just say that I feel very grateful today to be one of those people (especially in Holt) that still have power. I spent most of my Sunday afternoon trying to think of things that we would need when we lost power...because I was CERTAIN that we would lose it. I kept tabs on the conditions of the area through Facebook and Twitter and kept seeing my fellow neighbors post that they had lost their power so I was sure that we would be next.

I got my candles ready....all six hundred of them...(ask my husband, I have quite a few) and made sure that we had good batteries in the flashlight. Those were the easy things to check. It got a little trickier after that. First, no one seemed to know where we had a battery-powered radio. Second, our scanner used for NASCAR races has a weather scanner on it but even with the instructions in hand, it took us about an hour to figure out how to get to the weather.

Anyway, I'm very happy to be one of the lucky few in Holt to still have my power. I feel bad for those people that don't have it today....but I'm not sure I want to share our generator... :)