I don't know why but one of the things I do compulsively before I throw any piece of paper away is tear it up.

Not for security reasons or because I don't want something read that I've written, I just tear it up. That sometimes can be a problem.

Like yesterday, I'm opening mail (tearing it up and throwing it away) when I came across an envelope with a September edition of Country Weekly magazine inside. As you can see, Brad Paisley is on the cover which is cool, but I still asked myself...

"Why did they send me a September Country Weekly magazine and what the devil do I need it for?"

Just as the tearing of the magazine was about to begin before the File 13 part, I happened to notice what was on the bottom right corner...Brad Paisley's autograph!

Upon further examination I found out that this was all a promo piece for his new single "The Mona Lisa". Apparently this was sent out to let people know about his hit song, to get them to talk about it and to maybe even write about it on their websites.

Wait a minute...