About four weeks ago, we talked on the morning show, and I posted a story here, about the "Nazi gold train" which has reportedly been found (with ground penetrating radar) in a sealed tunnel, in Poland. The "Nazi gold train" is a 500-foot long, armored train filled with art treasures stolen by the Third Reich and missing since the end of World War II. When the story first broke, the rumor was that the train could contain weapons, priceless art and 300 tons of gold.

The story just got better.

According to the Daily Mail, the treasure hunters now believe that on-board the train they found is the "single greatest piece of missing stolen art from the Second World War" - "the Amber Room" - walls made of amber and backed with gold leaf - stolen from a Russian palace by German troops in 1941. Just those walls may be worth $400 million.

The Polish government is "99%" convinced the train has been found, but now the problem is excavating it. By law, the train belongs to the Polish government, and the treasure hunters say Poland should pay for the excavating costs. The treasure hunters also want to get a guaranteed 10% cut of everything found.

We'll keep you updated. Here's the story - with radar images of the buried train.


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