Hmm...what do you think Jimmie said to Dale to make him laugh? One can only imagine and I'm sure that it's something that can't be repeated...

If you missed Nascar News at 7:10 this morning, here are the picks for the WITTLE Cup and some information on who you may want to pick for the race in Las Vegas this weekend.

Banana Don picked: Carl Edwards & Jeff Gordon

Cindy from Lansing picked: Jimmie Johnson & Dale Jr.

Stephanie picked: Matt Kenseth & Kevin Harvick


Need a little help with your fantasy picks this week? Click here for information on who you should pick for the race in Vegas: Fantasy NASCAR Picks for 2014 Sprint Cup Series at Las Vegas

Good luck and make sure you listen each Friday morning at 7:10 for Nascar News and feel free to call us with your picks! (We’re taking on the listeners this year and so far Don is in the lead...which is NEVER a good thing...)