Back when I was a kid, living in California and Missouri, my dad, (who grew up here and spent summers working on Mackinac Island) used to talk about us taking a trip someday to Isle Royale, on Lake Michigan. Never made that trip, but even before I'd ever set foot in Michigan, I knew all about the moose and wolves on the island.

With all that ice on the lake during winter, moose and wolves found their way to the island over the years and, with minimal human interference, Isle Royale National Park became the perfect place for scientists to study how predators and prey interacted with each other on Mother Nature's island zoo.

Well, the moose are doing very well these days, but if you still want to see the wolves on Isle Royale, you'd better hurry. According to, because of in-breeding (and disease), they're down to their last three wolves - and even THAT number may be optimistic.


Here's the full story.


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