This is going to be a big weekend. And I'm not talking about the Michigan State-Ohio State game. Don't get me wrong, I'll be watching the game Saturday night - AFTER I go bow-hunting.

Finally, the weather's getting colder and the deer are moving around and (if you catch them at the right moment), getting out of the corn because of the rut. Of course, NEXT Saturday, the 15th, will be opening day for gun season. And there should be a lot of hunters out in the field, due to the Saturday opener. Good luck to you, wherever you may be headed in Michigan, this weekend or next. And, if you get a nice one, send the photo to our virtual buck pole contest.

Finally, if you're like me, you'll always watch video of bucks, so here's one from my trail-cam. Yeah - he was there on Sunday morning. I couldn't get out there until the afternoon, when I spooked his big brother, 100 yards from this spot.

That's right - laugh it up, while I sit here crying.

Anyway, I'm always amazed at how quiet big bucks are, even when walking on crunchy leaves. Check out the audio:



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