If you missed it last night, Michael Pineda, who pitches for the New York Yankees, was thrown out of the game in the second inning for having a "substance" on his neck. The umpire (and the rest of the world) believe that it was pine tar.

Of course, what makes this worse for Pineda is that this isn't the first time that he's been in trouble. Back on April 10, when the Yankees were playing the Red Sox, television cameras caught what appeared to be a "substance" on his right hand. In that "incident," Pineda claimed it was just dirt and sweat. Well, now, after this second "incident" he is facing a suspension.

Now, let me just say, in Pineda's defense, he does have the word "pine" in his last name. Maybe it's just a "family thing"...or...maybe he just buys cheap soap... :)