I know a lot of people who grew up watching "Little House On The Prairie". Of course, Melissa Gilbert played Laura Ingalls on that show. But, I don't know if everybody is aware that Melissa Gilbert now lives in Howell. She and her husband, East Lansing's own Timothy Busfield, (yeah, the guy from the TV show "Thirtysomething") moved to Howell last summer to escape the California fires and floods and crazy people (I don't know if those were THEIR reasons - but, they would be mine)

Let's remember that not only was Melissa on "Little House" (as true fans call it), but she was president of Screen Actors Guild, danced on "Dancing With The Stars" and dated Rob Lowe. So, she's had an interesting life.

Anyway, Melissa will be signing copies of her new children's book, "Daisy and Josephine" this Saturday at 2PM at Carriage House Designs at 119 N. Michigan Ave in downtown Howell. Here's the article from the Livingston County Daily Press.  So go, enjoy and tell Melissa I said, "hi".

Actually, my wife will probably make me stand in line with her, so I'll tell Melissa myself.

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