These men know how to appreciate a beer can! This is a photo from the annual Darwin Beer Can Regatta held in Darwin, Australia in 2007. The event started as a result of the devastation caused to the area by 'Cyclone Tracy' in 1974. Reconstruction crews arrived in Darwin to help rebuild the city, but being unfamiliar with the Northern Territory humidity, their consumption of canned beer increased dramatically. The resulting abundance of empty beer cans soon became a litter problem, until Darwin local, Lutz Frankensfeld, suggested that the city should hold a boat race, with all the boats fabricated out of beer cans. That Lutz Frankensfeld, he was one smart dude!

Now, on the contrary here is this photo from Pakistan:

Photo Courtesy of Syed Zargham/Getty Images

This is a photo taken in Karachi, Pakistan in 2004. A soldier from the Pakistan Coast Guard is crushing confiscated cans of imported beer at Karachi's coastal area. Authorities confiscated about 1,791 kilogram of hashish, liquor and drugs during raids from smugglers. Sadly, they will most likely NOT be celebrating Beer Can Appreciation Day.