So, you trade in your pickup truck and get a new one. What happens to your old truck? The dealership may keep it on the lot and sell it to somebody who sees it on the lot a couple days later. Or they may take it to auction. It could change hands several times in just a few years. And who knows where it will finally end up?

According to the Galveston Daily News, Mark Oberholtzer just found out his old work truck is still a work truck, but now it's got an anti-aircraft gun in the bed and it's being used by some crazy extremists in Syria. Oh, yeah - and it's still got the name and phone number of his Texas plumbing business on the side. The really bad thing is, he's getting angry phone calls from people, which

Seriously? Like he sold it on Craigslist to ISIS (or whatever they call themselves)

Here's the story - with an action packed photo of the truck with the gun in the back - which would be cool, if it wasn't being used by terrorists.


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