So I'm on Facebook today, and I see on the sidebar, that one of my radio friends is "Facebook friends" with Kaley Cuoco, from "The Big Bang Theory". (And you know I'm a HUGE fan of that show) So, I click on her page (personal page - not a "fan" page) and sure enough, we actually have two friends in common. Well, I clicked on the "add friend" button, and ten minutes later - Kaley and I were friends. (See screenshot) My wife initially said she didn't think it was really Kaley's personal Facebook page. But now she's starting to think maybe it is. What do you think?

Pretty proud of my new friend Kaley (I call her "K-dog"), because she just signed a new contract worth a (reported) million dollars a show. And they do 24 shows a season. For the next three years. Plus she'll get a percentage of the profits.

So, next round's on you, K-dog.


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