Why won't anybody buy Hell, Michigan? It's price just got reduced by almost $100,000.

If you've never been there, Hell is 15 miles south (of course it's SOUTH) of Howell, MI (and it would help the sale if you folks would get on board and change the name to "Howl"). According to the Detroit Free Press, for the new, low price of $900,000 you'll get 5 acres of prime real estate AND all the Hell merchandising rights. And if you can't turn the merchandising rights to "Hell" into some real money (especially during the election year we're having) you need to turn in that marketing diploma you got online.

It seems, John Colone, Hell’s owner and unofficial mayor, had a group known as "Damned" interested in buying, but they couldn't raise enough through their Kickstarter campaign, so those Damned buyers fell through.

This is too much fun. But the puns - they must end now.

Here's the story.


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