Today is the last day of the SHOT (Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas. This is the place where all your favorite outdoor-show hosts gather (usually along with a bunch of country music stars) to shop their new shows around. And the gun and outdoor gear manufacturers show off their new stuff. And everybody (at least my friends) gets their picture taken with some giant .50 caliber sniper rifle.

One of the highlights this year was the introduction of new models of TRIPLE BARRELED Chiappa shotguns - now in 20 and 28 gauge. Triple barreled shotguns have been around for a hundred years, but Chiappa (an Italian company that distributes these guns, made in Turkey) seems to be serious now about making them more mainstream. Three years ago they introduced the 12 gauge model. Since then they've come out with smaller gauge models - and now they're getting some mainstream press. It's even being covered by the U.S. website version of the Daily Mail out of Great Britain.

Here's the article - with some photos of some of the .50 cal models.


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