Seems to me, lately, we've had a lot of robberies around Lansing. And inevitably, some poor cop and/or police dog has to go looking for the "perp", while possibly putting themselves in danger. This is where you might want a drone to do the job.

This demonstration video, starring some poor intern, (I don't think I would've been quite so desperate in my intern days, but....) comes from Popular Science and something called Chaotic Moon Studios. I don't know if Chaotic Moon came up with the idea for this TASER DRONE, or are just doing the marketing and PR, but they introduced it at South By Southwest in Austin last week. I was at SXSW in 1997. It was all about music back then. Apparently some things have changed.

And kudos to the intern who lets himself get tased for our entertainment. Here's the full article. Give that kid a full time job. He's earned it.

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