The "Wittle Country Christmas Party" is coming to the Whiskey Barrel Saloon on Friday, December 13th featuring singer, Austin Webb. This means we need to know more about's a list of things I learned while stalking his Twitter account:

1.) He is going to sing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field on December 8th.

2.) He enjoys sugar cookie Chapstick.

3.) He just had a birthday. (December 1st, I think.)

4.) He's a BIG Denver Broncos fan.

5.) He's been playing the harmonica for over 10 years!

6.) He thinks that the airport in Phoenix smells like sweet-tarts.

7.) He likes Quincy Jones and Vince Gill.

8.) He likes the dudes from Duck Dynasty. (Who doesn't..?)

9.) You can follow him @austinlwebb.

10.) He's 24 and his single is called, "Slip On By."

You're welcome!

You can catch him at the Whiskey Barrel on December 13th.

Here's more information....see ya there!