So, on Saturday night around 5:30 we heard a loud BOOM outside of our house in Holt. My husband went outside to see if he could find the source and I immediately went online to our neighborhood Facebook page to see if anyone else hear the loud BOOM. Thankfully, I was glad to see that we weren't the only people to hear the loud noise. Many of our neighbors said that they heard it and people who live several miles away from our house said they heard it, too. People wrote on social media that not only did they hear the noise, they felt it and it even shook some people's windows.

The loud BOOM apparently happened again on Saturday night around 10pm. (I didn't hear that one because well, I'm old and had already fallen asleep on the couch.) So, what was it?? Well, no one seems to know for sure. There's speculation that it was fireworks. However, I've heard a lot of fireworks in my life and that DID NOT sound like a firework to me. Banana Don thinks someone blew up some dynamite. Anyone have the answer? Please let me know if you do...

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