With my daughter Lauren home for a week from L.A., we gave her a choice of where in "Pure Michigan" she would like to visit on Saturday. She chose Saugatuck. Sorry, Frankenmuth. I'll share my thoughts and give you some links. And to husbands and boyfriends - there's fishing and bars. In fact, I'll start with the fishing. There's was none of that this time - but, I think I have everybody (my lovely wife, Michelle) talked into it for down the road.

Saugatuck is right on Lake Michigan, and some of the best charter boats work out of there. A while back, I fished off the "Best Chance Too" for one of the segments of "Michigan Out Of Doors" with Jimmy Gretzinger and friends.

Photo courtesy of Carmen Hall

And, NO - this wasn't in January 2004. Carmen - fix your camera.

The guys from the "Best Chance Too" are already winning fishing tournaments this year, so they know what they're doing.

Whatever fish is the biggest there - I caught it. I'm almost positive.


On Saturday, we ate at a restaurant, right on the water called The Butler. Good food. (Sorry, I didn't take a photo of my food, like everybody on Facebook or Twitter)

Then we went shopping (of course). A lot of artists (or people who sell their work) have shops in Saugatuck. One of our favorites is a place called goodgoods.

And of course, if you're near Lake Michigan, you're near a Kilwin's, so we stopped there. My question is: WHO is buying 3 GALLON tubs of ice cream?

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I know - shouldn't have used the flash.

We also to a small bookstore, located on the second floor of an old bank, where there were no prices on the books and the lady who owned it was the only person there. Or maybe we just walked into somebody's house. The lady was very nice, though.



And finally, we drove over to Oval Beach, which is across the Kalamazoo River from downtown Saugatuck. To drive, it's three or four miles. Oval Beach is consistently picked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I had never been there until Saturday, but I can see why. My cell phone pictures don't do it justice, you'll have to go see for yourself. It was a little cool for swimming in Lake Michigan on Saturday, but there were people doing it anyway.

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And I understand that, when it gets warmer, there's nude sunbathing on the dunes behind the beach.

Not for me, but - whatever floats your boat.




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