Whoa. I had NO IDEA that today was National Potato Day! Did you!??!

In order to celebrate the day, I did a little research on the internet (thank you Reader's Digest) and came up with a list of 5 things you can do with a potato (besides the obvious answers like bake it or make french fries...)




  • 1

    Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

    Yep. Experts say that you can apply raw, cold slices of potatoes to your eyes to get rid of puffiness.

  • 2

    Get Stains Off Of Your Hands

    Here's another interesting thing you can do with a potato. You can get hard to remove stains off your hands (for when you dip them in a bowl full of food coloring) just by rubbing your hands with a raw, cut potato.

  • 3

    Make A Hot Or Cold Compress

    Got an ache or pain? Out of aspirin? No worries! Just boil a potato, wrap it in a towel and boom--hot compress! Need a cold compress instead? Just throw that boiled potato in the fridge and boom--cold compress!

  • 4

    Shine Your Silverware

    Got some tarnish on your favorite fork? Well, just grab a few potatoes and throw them in some water to boil. Remove them from the water and then you can use that water to soak your silverware. Soak your spoons and forks for about an hour and they should be shiny again!

  • 5

    Polish Your Shoes

    Silverware isn't the only thing that can be polished by a potato. If you've got some shoes that need to be shined, just cut a potato in half and rub your dirty shoe with the raw potato and you're well on your way to having shiny shoes agan!