A very Happy Anniversary to my wife. Today she has officially put up with me for 5,475 days, give or take. Some type of an award is certainly in order.

An anniversary is a special time to remember important things like...always double check who you're sending a text to before you hit "send". No kidding. And now, my story...

Before my wife left for work today, she left a nice note on the kitchen counter wishing me a Happy Anniversary. Instead of bothering her with a call, I decided to text my reply to her. What you see below is the text I sent to her and what almost happened.

Josh is the guy who sits in the office next to mine at work and while I like him, he and I have no anniversaries that we commemorate in our relationship. I'm quite certain that had I accidentally sent this text this morning, I would've created one. Yep..."Remember the time you sent that text to me on your anniversary?"

That would've been just awesome.