Back in July, which seems like a world away even though it was just a couple months ago, but you know how all of this COVID-19 stuff is making everything seem draggy, we told you right here about Zingerman's coming to Lansing and bringing their Rueben Tour.

And fans of great food, ruebens and Zingerman's rejoiced. In unison...

Well, I have to believe that this whole thing worked out for everybody since...drum roll please...(okay, you probably know since you saw the title of the article)...Zingerman's is coming back to Lansing! How about that my friend!

According to their press release:

Zingerman's is hitting the road again this fall to bring Reubens and other deli favorites to select cities across the great state of Michigan. The fall leg of Zingerman’s Reuben Tour will stop in Lansing.

Featuring a limited menu of Zingerman’s sandwiches, sides, sweets and groceries, Lansing area guests can place their orders ahead of time at this link for pick-up the days of the tour stops. All sandwich orders will include a pickle – prices include tax and a small amount to cover the gas and to tip the tour’s roadies.

The Reuben Tour will land once again at Michigrain Distillery on Saturday, October 10th. The Distillery is located at 523 East Shiawassee Street, downtown.

So want some terrific food? Of course you do...Let's get to it!

Get info about the Reuben Tour extension here.

Pre-Order here by Tuesday, October 6th and you can pick you order up between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on October 10th at Michigrain Distillery.

And well...enjoy...of course!

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