Earlier this month, former Michigan Wolverine (and now the guy who will change everything in Tampa Bay), Tom Brady, walked into David Kramer's house, dropped his bags and (my thought) waited for a hug. That didn't happen. Because he was in the WRONG HOUSE!

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According to Fox News, Brady was supposed to be at the home of Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. (Why does he need to meet with Leftwich? Isn't the whole season going to consist of, "Gronk, get open and I'll hit ya?) To his credit, Brady looked up at David and realized he was in the wrong house when he saw him (and wasn't getting a hug) and asked, "Am I in the wrong house?" He then apologized and left.

But the story is out there. And in an America starved for sports and looking for Tom Brady to screw up, this counts.

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