They say money is not the key to happiness, but it sure does give you a lot of freedom in this life. We all at some point try our luck with the Michigan lottery and I have gotten lucky a few times hitting $500 bucks on a scratch-off. Once I even scored $2500 on Keno which was a thrill.

I will play "Fantasy 5" and "Lotto 47", but rarely play those high odds games like Powerball and Mega-Millions.

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Big Winner In Michigan

Well, check this out a Wayne County man is relieved and so glad that he double-checked (something we should all do) his instant lottery ticket after he won a $1 million jackpot playing the Michigan Lottery’s Triple Million game.

I won $500 on a scratch-off ticket and used the winnings to purchase a few Triple Million tickets,” said the 60-year-old winner who chose to remain anonymous. “I scratched the tickets off when I got to my car, and I didn’t think I won anything but scanned them on the Lottery app to be sure.

He said when a message came up that he had won $1 million he did not know what to believe. He kept looking at the ticket and finally realized he really had won $1 million. Lol, he couldn’t believe almost missed it.

Scanning Ticket always a good idea

I have the Michigan Lottery app on my phone and check all my tickets, as a matter of fact, I scan before I even look at the numbers.

This great story is gonna make me try my luck this weekend.  If you play, best of luck to you.

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