The chances are extremely good that you knew him before he had the Country hits that you love like "Don't Think I Don't Think I Don't Think About It", "Alright", "It Won't Be Like This For Long", "Come Back Song", "Wagon Wheel" and more.

You may remember him from his pop radio days from songs like "Let Her Cry", "Only Wanna Be With You", "Time", "Hold My Hand" and others as the lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish". Hootie exploded onto the scene in 1994 with their album, "Cracked Rear View" that has sold to date 21 million albums.

Of course it's Darius Rucker. As a multi-format artist, Rucker has had quite a career, including winning American Music Awards, GRAMMY's and even a CMA Award for "New Artist of the Year". I wonder how it feels to have been around for awhile and achieved a ton of success and still win a "new artist award". Had to be pretty cool for Darius though and of course a well deserved honor, too.

Also, you might remember when Darius performed at Common Ground a few years ago.

All of that brings me to this. 100.7 WITL, Lansing's #1 For New Country has an opportunity for a Wittle Family Member and their guest to enjoy a special, virtual meet and greet with Darius Rucker! The meet & greet will be hosted by Evan and Amber from Taste of Country Nights and it's a guaranteed great time!

Want to enter to win? Well of course you do! Here's how!

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