Have you been driving around the Lansing area wondering why some of the streetlights appear purple?

We'll you're not the only one.

Locals Questioning the Purple Street Lights

Someone recently posted in the Facebook group 517 Living Community asking the question;

'Is there a reason that purple street lights are being put in the highways in Lansing?'

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One user joked that it was a "Tribute to Prince and the anniversary of purple rain."

While others wondered if it was a way to help light pollution.

Unfortunately, neither of those are the answers. 

Why You're Seeing Purple Street Lights

According to FOX 46 and Duke Energy, the purple lights are the result of a defective LED light that gradually causes the light to turn purple over time.

Over the past few years, 369,000 street lights have been switched to a more energy-efficient LED that don't give off any sort of color.

However, defective versions of these lights will give off a blue or purple haze.

So no, you're not about to be abducted by aliens or anything crazy. We've just got a case of bad light bulbs on our hands.

You can read the full story on FOX 46's website.

Where Have People Noticed the Purple Lights?

Most individuals in Facebook's 517 Living Community group say they've spotted the purple lights near the Trowbridge exit on westbound 96.

'I saw them off Trowbridge exit and westbound 96 after okemos rd exit so far.'


'Funny, I just saw one getting off Trowbridge road exit this evening and was wondering the same thing!'


'I'm at 96 & Okemos rd right now.... and there they are.... all purple and stuff... cool stuff, better on the eyes kind of stuff!'

I have yet to see these popular purple lights. Have you seen any in a different area?

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