First of all, I know....duh.

People drive too fast. Drivers are too busy looking at their cell phones, blah, blah, blah...But, here's the thing--drivers do that on EVERY road. However, I-94 seems like it's a magnet for crashes.

Last Thursday, we were heading west on I-94 near Paw Paw when a crash shut down the interstate. For hours. (I know this because we were stuck in the traffic. And I mean turn the engine off and get out of your car kind of stuck.) My husband took some video of the long line of cars stuck in the traffic jam when we were finally able to turn around and go back the other way, but unfortunately, I used a lot of bad words while he was filming it so I can't post it here...(sorry mom).

Anyway, it was then reported on Friday that there was a nine car pileup on I-94 near Jackson that sent eleven people to the hospital. And according to Mlive, just yesterday, (Tuesday-6/23), there were multiple accidents on I-94 around Cooper Street and the 127 Interchange. The list of examples of accidents on I-94 could truly go on and on...but I think you get my point.

So, my question is--why? Is the road too narrow? Are there too many potholes? Did someone paint the lines crooked? I mean, what makes this particular highway so dangerous. Does anyone have a legitimate answer? Because drivers going too fast and people talking on cell phones can't be the true reason why there are accidents ALL THE TIME because again, that happens, unfortunately on EVERY road. And before anyone starts to blame the truck drivers, there are truck drivers on EVERY highway, too. And road construction...