Monday night, a big boat docked in the Lower Harbor of Marquette. They weren't there for the fishing.

It was the "Hampshire," a 217-foot super-yacht, owned by British billionaire Andrew Currie that had pulled into town so his guests could spend Tuesday shopping in Marquette. The "Hampshire" is a $125 million yacht. And, thankfully for downtown Marquette, its crew wasn't cheap, either. According to WLUC, one of the crew members visited "Forsberg's A New Leaf" to buy some flowers and ended up buying "enough flowers to cover one employee’s paycheck for a week."

According to, the "Hampshire" had visited Milwaukee last week, went through the Soo Locks and was on it's way to Houghton. They say Forbes has Mr. Currie ranked as the 504th richest man in the world. (Good luck on moving up those 4 spots Mr Currie - and when you do, contact me about buying that large yellow bridge near Mackinac Island you saw.)

If you need me, I'll be at Meijer debating whether I can afford a $5 scratch-off ticket.

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