There were more than 52,000 car-deer accidents last year in Michigan. Do you live in one of the counties most prone to car-deer collisions here in our state?

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According to AAA, the number of vehicle accidents involving deer totaled 52,218 in 2021, that's up 2.18% from the prior year when there were 51,103 accidents.

Car-Deer Accidents by County in Michigan

The auto club pored through the data and found that Oakland County had the highest number of car v. deer accidents last year, with 1,853 collisions.

Here are the top 10 Michigan counties with the highest number of crashes involving deer.

  1. Oakland County - 1,853
  2. Kent County - 1,810
  3. Jackson County - 1,544
  4. Ottawa County - 1,391
  5. Lapeer County - 1,355
  6. Allegan County - 1,288
  7. Genesee County - 1,254
  8. Calhoun County - 1,247
  9. Kalamazoo County - 1,137
  10. Washtenaw County -1,080

In 2021, 10 people were killed in collisions that involved deer. That's double the number reported in 2020. Six of last year's fatalities involved motorcyclists.

The Biggest Months for Car-Deer Accidents in Michigan

According to AAA, the fall months of October, November, and December are the biggest months for vehicle accidents involving deer. About 42% of car-deer accidents in our state happen during those three months.

It's estimated that accidents between motor vehicles and deer cause more than $130 million in damage each year.

Don't Veer for Deer

Although it seems counterintuitive, AAA reminds motorists that swerving to avoid hitting a deer is not a good idea.

Michigan's deer population is up to about two million this year, and AAA offers a few tips to motorists in their 'Don't Veer for Deer' campaign.

  1. Stay awake, alert, and sober.
  2. Always wear a seat belt.
  3. Be especially alert at dawn and dusk.
  4. If you see one deer, slow down. Chances are there are others nearby.
  5. If a crash is unavoidable, don’t swerve, brake firmly, hold onto the steering wheel, stay in your lane and bring your car to a controlled stop.

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