Ever gone somewhere you knew there was no, or almost no internet connection or even WiFi to get you to the internet?

Now yes I know that a lot of us have smartphones that we can use as WiFi hot spots to get us to the internet and I've done just that in the past. But if you can get connected, and get connected for free...well why not go that route to access high speed internet?

Now one thing that became very apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic was the number of people who didn't have access to that high speed internet. According to News 10, the Michigan Public Service Commission has said that there is much work that needs to happen to get people better access to broadband across Michigan. Rural and low income areas in The Mitten are especially hard hit by this lack of access.

So until there is a broadband beef up, the MPSC has come up with what I think is a pretty good solution, an interactive map that shows you where all of the free WiFi hot spots are in Michigan. Many of these locations happen to be outside businesses and public libraries that are offering the free WiFi.

The deal is that if you're looking for a free WiFi connection, consult the map. Find out where the nearest free service is to you, then drive with your device to the location where that free service is and voila! You can enjoy free WiFi and a high speed connection in your vehicle, right there in the parking lot.

Get more info and the map here from News 10.

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