So, a thought occurred to me the other day...

Why, oh why, do we rely on a small rodent to help us magically predict what the remainder of our winter will be like? Yes, I'm taking about Groundhog Day.

We've been turning to Punxsutawney Phil every year since 1887. And every year, we wait for Phil to pop out of his burrow home, and either see his shadow or not. The tradition states that if Phil sees his shadow, we've got six more weeks of wintry weather left. However, if Phil doesn't see his shadow, we could be in for "an early end to winter" (History).

According to USA Today, Phil saw his shadow this morning, so we're in for another six weeks of winter weather. Again, according to a small rodent. Just sayin... Learn more about the history of this interesting tradition in the video below!

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