Today is National Cookie Day and according to the National Day Calendar, it's a day where we're supposed to go to our favorite bakery and pick up some cookies. (Like we really needed a reason to go get some cookies...duh.) Anyway, when it comes to food, it seems like there's always a list of "the favorite ______ in this state is ______" and for National Cookie guessed it, there's a list!

According to the cookie list from, the most popular cookie in the state of Michigan is ....

the chocolate chip cookie!

If you're wondering what the most popular cookies are for the other states in the Midwest, it's pretty much the same as Michigan. The top choice in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin is also the chocolate chip cookie. The top choice in Ohio is peanut butter with chocolate chips. If you're looking for something different than something with chocolate chips, you might want to head to Alaska, Arizona, Florida or Kentucky. Click here to find out why.

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