Some people really enjoyed the 2019 Super Bowl halftime performance from Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi...and some really didn't. A review of the performance by USA Today is an example of some that didn't as their review headline is "Review: Maroon 5 delivers a vanilla halftime show, avoids being the worst ever." Ouch.

Last week during the Nitty Gritty From Music City, we went through some of the Super Bowl halftime numbers when it came to country music. Surprisingly, the last time a country singer performed during the halftime show at the Super Bowl was way back in 2003. According to Taste Of Country, that year Shania Twain sang two songs, "Man I Feel Like a Woman!" and "Up!" before No Doubt performed "I'm Just a Girl" and Sting played "Message in a Bottle."

This probably won't happen next year when the Super Bowl is in Miami but wouldn't it be nice to see a country singer perform during the halftime show?! Who would you like to see perform? Vote below and let us know if we missed someone.

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