What will they think of next? Not Little Caesars Pizza. I'm talking about the bad guys.

According to WILX-TV, if you happen to see a certain coupon on the internet for free "Pizza! Pizza!", it just might be "Bogus! Bogus!"

Apparently somebody, or somebodies, have come up with a fake coupon for a bogus scam that states that Little Caesars Pizza is giving everyone three free large pizza pies on their 60th anniversary.

It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that this would cost any company a huge amount of money and should you see the coupon you need to remember that it wasn't created of given out by the real Little Caesars Pizza.

You also need to be aware that clicking on this coupon could also download a virus.

Remember, there's no such thing as free pizza. At least not in this case.

Get more info here on the story from WILX-TV.

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