I have been fishing all my life and to me, it is a perfect way to relax, have a good time outdoors, and destress from the crazy life most of us lead. The thrill of catching a trophy fish on a beautiful day is a lot of fun.

Now hunting on the other hand I have never ventured out to try. I guess it's because I love to fish so much.

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Well, if you prefer to hunt instead of fish you may be like the more than 49,000 hunters who just applied to hunt Michigan elk in 2021.  Hunting elk has been getting more popular in Michigan every year according to detroitnews.com and state wildlife officials.

You, Will, Have To Be Lucky To Hunt Elk

If this is for you it'll cost you $5 for a chance at one of only 300 tags to hunt Michigans elk herd, which will be between 900 and 1,500 says the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

They are a large charismatic animal that’s iconic for Michigan,” said Rachel Leightner, a wildlife outreach coordinator for the DNR. “So, the hunt is really a coveted experience.


Here is Why Elk is Good To Eat

What does elk taste like? Well, according to beckandbulow.com, elk meat contains half the calories of regular beef and has a lot less fat.

Because elk are nearly always raised in a way very close to being wild, they are a far more sustainable choice than beef. ... When it comes to eating meat, this makes a huge difference energetically, nutritionally, and ethically.


Now, I have a few friends that hunt and they love venison and elk.  They told me elk taste better and cleaner than beef and like the fact that it has a lot less fat.

There is such a high demand for elk hunting that there is a lottery that has been around since 1984.

There are a very small number of tags every year which means that some repeat applicants could wait decades for their chance to hunt elk in Michigan.

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