The Michigan Health and Human Services Department is publishing a new online tool. It’s designed to let you see whether you’ve more or less been naughty or nice. Or in keeping with the atmosphere these days, participating in safe or risky behavior when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. Primarily designed for seniors, anyone can go through the list of questions that are presented based on conditional logic. New questions show based on your response to the current one.  Once you're done with the questions, the system churns out your level of risky or safe behavior with suggestions on how to get from one level of risk to a better one. The online tool even gives you a percentage ranking of the likelihood you will survive the virus. Yes, the more obvious questions like whether you wear a mask and practice social distancing are included. But so are things like if you think a vaccine will protect you and if you will get vaccinated when the option presents itself. The online tool is called the “CV19 Checkup”.

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The state’s Dr. Alexis Travis is Senior Deputy Director of the Aging and Adult Services Agency of the Health and Human Services Department. She says, “This tool, which we will make available to all Michiganders, helps individuals understand their risk based on their life situation and personal behavior, and offers recommendations to reduce those risks while also connecting people to services if needed. And while this tool is available to all residents, it is specifically designed with older adults – age 60 and over – in mind. Older Michiganders represent 24 percent of confirmed COVID-19 cases and 89 percent of confirmed deaths.”

The CV19 Checkup tool is free to use. The state promises you are able to use it anonymously. The state says it cannot and will not track you down based on your answers.

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