Memories of growing up in Jackson evoke so many different memories and recollections for all past and present residents.

So many places have come and gone, too many to remember: Ray Lantz Music, Cookie's Used Record Shop, Record Hut, Thom McCann, Woolworth's, Fairy Gardens, downtown Big Boy, Capitol Theater, Family Theater, Jackson Drive-in, Bel-Air Drive-in, The Dome, Chicken Inn, Baker's Book Mart, Toy House, Hotel Hayes, Drum Room, dances at the Jackson Armory, Hullaballoo Club, the Back Door, Bea's Drive-In, Burger Chef, Eatso's Pizza, Howard Johnson's, broasted chicken dinners at the Quality Inn, Gilbert's Steak House, WILX-TV studio, Bill Knapp's, Granny's A Go-Go, Shaw Furniture,  Loud & Jackson's, the Brown Hut, Tom's Tiki Room, Robert Hall...the list is basically never-ending.

However, looking back at some old photos from well over one hundred years ago, we read some of the outdoor signage of some old familiar downtown buildings and go “whaa? I didn't know that used to be that” or something similar.

This is not any kind of history about Jackson.....script-wise, anyway. But it is in the aspect of the photo gallery below. Stores, streets, people, buildings and more going back to the early 1900s is – in a way – a photographic history lesson for some. It's also for local historians and others who are curious about what Jackson once was – and once had.

There will be more...


Jackson Eatery Memories

Ghost Town of Gasburg

Shoppers Fair

Vintage Photos of Pinckney

Abandoned Deer Acres Fun Park

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