Those with family far away may have already figured this out, at least from the standpoint of really staying connected with loved ones, but now the experts are saying that a great way of staying in touch is by video calls.

And these aren't experts in video calling. According to, those who are saying this are actually psychologists. These mental health professionals contend that it is much better to video call than just call someone on the phone because it helps to develop a deeper connection between people who can see the body language and expressions that are associated with our conversations via video chats, especially during everything we are all experiencing these days with the pandemic.

It's kind of like when people say that it's better to talk to someone rather than to text or email because you can actually hear their expressions behind the words. Now video calls have ramped that up a notch or two because now you can not only hear expressions, you can see them too.

Get more information about what the experts are saying about the positive mental health effects video calling has on us, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic here from

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