There will be no more disappointing trips to the fridge after this month. If you live in or around Jackson, you can feed your late night cravings with a specialty pizza from a vending machine.

If you're on the fence about it, bare with me.

Tim Ekpo and Adam Page are bringing the Canadian company, PizzaForno, to the U.S. It's a 24 hour, automated pizza oven that will cook your pizza in under three minutes.

Three minutes?! Count me in. It takes me longer to make a subpar pack of ramen.

There will be two locations, the first is expected to launch next week, March 24 near the Martini Spa and Lounge located at 100 S. Cooper St. The second location will open later this month at 1319 E. Michigan Ave.

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Ekpo discovered PizzaForno when he took a trip to Toronto. He thought it would be a great opportunity in the U.S. and pitched the idea to his business partner. Page says it's something new and exciting for the Jackson community.

This concept is so new and unique, which is why we’re excited to provide our community with a new gourmet pizza option that’s always fresh and available 24/7.

The pizzas are super easy to order. Both of the machines have a touchscreen with eight different 12-inch pizzas to choose from. They're prepared off-site and loaded into a refrigerator located inside the PizzaForno machine.

A robotic arm will remove your selected pizza from the refrigerator and place it in the convection oven for three minutes. Then wham, bam, thank you ma'am, out pops your pizza. The pizzas range from $10 to $13. Click here for PizzaForno's options.

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