Questions. I get a whole lot of questions...

"Is being a radio DJ fun?'

Yes. I've been extremely fortunate to have been doing this for a lot of years (thanks to you!) and there still isn't a day that I don't wake up and look forward to doing what I do. It's different every day and I think that is one of the parts I like about it the best.

"Do you really know Banana Don and Stephanie McCoy?"

Yes I do. However, while I admit that, they may not...I think it depends on what day you catch them and how they're feeling...(-:

"Will the Insane Inflatables be happening at Uncle John's this year?"

Yes. As far as we all know, it will still be happening on August 1st. But as you know it all depends greatly on what is going on with the COVID-19 pandemic so we are hoping for the best for this event at what has been a terrific location.

As I'm sure you know, Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns has always been a popular destination in Mid-Michigan even before the Insane Inflatable 5k took place there. And here's the deal, since I'm pretty sure you have some Uncle John's favorites like donuts, cider, wine, spirits or hard cider, did you know that you can now order those favorites online and then go pick them up with curbside pickup on Friday through Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m.?

That's a fact.

Uncle John's also has drink box kits to make Bloody Mary's and Sangria, too. Don't forget gift certificates and other items and gifts that are made right here in The Mitten. So make it a point to go and support a legendary Michigan destination, not to mention the hopeful home again this year for the Insane Inflatable 5k, Uncle John's Cider Mill.

Get more info from their website or their Facebook page.

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