At RAF (Royal Air Force Base) Waddington in the UK, apparently it's "a thing" to buzz the crowd at the approach end of the runway during their annual airshow. To be fair, the end of the runway is close to the road you'll see in the video where people gather to watch the show for free. So they probably deserve a little scare.

On July 5th of this year, a Turkish Air Force F-16 pilot did the honors. Here's the full story with some added links. Here's the video. Just so you know - there may be some muffled cussing.


If you wanna go some place beautiful in the Caribbean and watch airplanes come in low, go to the island of St. Marten. I was there as part of a cruise vacation - but we hung out in a bar where the owner gave us free beers, because he wanted to talk to Americans about U.S. politics. So beers won out over airplanes that day. Here's what it looks like. The airplanes - not the beer drinking.


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