Caylee Hammack has a fan in Trisha Yearwood. The country legend picked Hammack as one of four new female artists to open dates on her Every Girl on Tour this fall, and it wasn't a coincidence.

Prior to Hammack's six-show run in October and November, Yearwood told Taste of Country she likes the "Family Tree" singer's voice and appreciates what she does as an artist. If you want to think of it as one Georgian doing another a solid, that's OK too, but it's not without merit.

"In the ‘90s I was one of a lot of girls getting played on the radio and now there’s such a lack, and that’s a conversation we’re having every day," Yearwood tells Taste of Country. "So, putting them out there and hopefully people come to the show that don’t know about their music or go, ‘I like that, I wanna check that out.’"

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Caroline Jones, Kim Richey and Rachel Wammack are the three other women who've joined Yearwood in 2019. The Every Girl on Tour runs through Dec. 7 in Florida. It's named after Yearwood's new Every Girl album and her single, "Every Girl in This Town."

"I wanted to take out some young girls who are in that beginning stage, where they’re just getting a little traction, and give them an opportunity to play some shows in a safe place, where the person they’re opening for is in their corner and has their back," Yearwood says. "We have an opportunity to really shine a light on every girl.”

Yearwood didn't know how far Hammack's appreciation for her went when she gushed on the newest ToC RISER.

"When I was in middle school, our history teacher made us dress as one famous person from Georgia & give a speech. I had to be @trishayearwood," Hammack shared on Twitter prior to her first show. "Now I get to open for her for a few shows this year. Life is good, God is great, and full circles like this keep me smiling."

Hammack will be opening for another female legend in 2020. She recently shared that Reba McEntire has invited her to open select shows.

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