Trisha Yearwood has shared hundreds of recipes over the years, both on her Food Network television show Trisha's Southern Kitchen and in her three cookbooks. She still has some favorites up her sleeve, though, including in her forthcoming fourth cookbook, Trisha's Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food for Friends & Family.

During a recent interview, Yearwood shared that her chicken pot pie burger "is everything you'd want it to be." She describes the dish as a burger made with ground chicken instead of ground beef and containing all of the vegetables that would normally go into a chicken pot pie; it goes on a bun, like a standard burger, but then gets topped with gravy, like what you'd find in a pot pie.

"When you bite into it, you're like, 'This tastes like childhood,'" Yearwood shares. "So, I do get requests for that one a lot at the house."

Of course, with so many recipes to choose from, Yearwood can't pick just one favorite. She notes with a chuckle that another go-to "super yummy thing" is called Eggs in Purgatory. The breakfast or brunch dish is "a tomato sauce vibe, then you make a little space and drop your eggs in and cook the eggs in the tomato sauce."

Yearwood has been hosting and sharing her recipes on Trisha's Southern Kitchen since 2012 — for nearly a decade now — and says that fans of the show will recognize some of the dishes in the Trisha's Kitchen cookbook. However, she also created several of the new book's recipes during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I started working on the book around April [of 2020]. I think I had this idea that I would get my closets all cleaned out and my office redone, and I didn't get any of that done," Yearwood recounts, "but I started thinking, you know, except for the first cookbook, I really have written these in between tour dates and working and doing other things, so [this time, I was] really home to get a chance to really sit down and compile."

Writing a cookbook, Yearwood explains, isn't only about having the recipes; in fact, there are several favorites that have yet to make it into a cookbook because she's still tweaking them, or because she's run out of space in past books.

"The book is a combination," Yearwood adds, "of a few things you've seen on the TV show and a lot of things that were kind of born out of, like, Garth [Brooks, Yearwood's husband] would say, 'Can you make a breakfast lasagna, but not just a casserole — like, with the lasagna noodles, totally lasagna, but breakfast?' ... [I] made it several different ways and times and figured out what the best way was, and that became a recipe."

Trisha's Kitchen: Easy Comfort Food for Friends & Family is due out on Tuesday (Sept. 28).

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